Current progress

July 14 marked the 5 year anniversary of Shade’s first stroke and around the 1.5 month mark since his second stroke. (That day was pretty horrific in the news, what with the Bastille Day situation in France, so I didn’t bother posting.)

What’s his progress right now? Well, let me tell you.


Shade and Kyle on Xbox. The sling keeps his arm up, but he can’t quite use his fingers.

The left hand and arm: Shade’s working on getting that left hand and arm working. I stretch them in the mornings and evenings. His left fingers contract, and thus tend to curl into a claw, so I stretch out the fingers until the contractions stop and he can keep them straight. This doesn’t last too long. It will curl back up. His grip is improving but he still can only hold onto very light things. He has trouble turning his wrist over, let alone open his fingers in that position, (think the waiter’s tray hold). His arm feels like there’s a catch inside. When it’s contracted at a right angle (most of the time) I can only pull it down a few inches before it stops. I then have to force it down. So I work his arm like an old timey water pump, up, down, up, down, until it loosens up. I also massage his shoulders and deltoids, triceps and lats to loosen up the areas. Then we do straight arm raises. I have to fully assist him to do this as he can’t raise his arm much higher than his chest, if that. A few days ago, I tried putting his left arm in a sling so he could try to use it to play video games, but it got very frustrating for him as his left thumb was fairly useless. I’m going to try and alter the controller so he can do most the stuff with the right thumb.

Left leg and foot: Shade can no longer keep his balance because of the weekness in his left leg and foot, so I have to maximum assist him in all ventures from going downstairs to bathroom breaks to getting to the dinner table. Exercise is draining. His leg shakes with fatigue after a little exercise. When he sits on his wheelchair, he has trouble getting the foot on the footrest as his leg won’t contract that much to pull the foot back. His foot turns inward and he lands on the outside of the foot, which means he can easily roll it (and has a number of times) unless we concentrate really hard on placing his foot flat on the floor before taking the next step. The ankle is very stiff. It has lost all flexibility and does not move when I ask Shade to rotate it. Basically it is a stiff lump on the end of his leg. His big toe does do this weird bouncing thing, which he can’t control. I try stretching out the ankle but it’s a tough one. Lots of resistance. I stretch his calves and hammies which tend to loosen a bit. He usually needs a long rest after this.


Munchies with the CFP bunch.

Socially: Shade’s has had lots of friends and family stopping by, which is great. Thanks to all who have spent time with him. He had a crew from Central Florida Prep, his school, come and hang out today. Believe me, that provides more healing than you could know. Shade copes better when he knows there are people out there willing to spend a little time with him. It helps mom and dad, too.


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  1. Aura
    Jul 18, 2016 @ 13:14:47

    This kid amazes me to no end. You go parents! hugs and prayers to you all!


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