This may hurt a bit

So Aitza and I are watching the late night news last night in bed when a report comes on about a brothel that a local State representative was caught frequenting, which subsequently ruined his career. The anchor is listing local people that were involved in the scandal. Then suddenly her dentist’s mug is taking up the screen. As soon as they named him, she shot straight up. “Whaaaaaaaaa!” Seems he’s been using his dentist chairs for more than just cleanings. She’s been going to him for 20 years, but only to get her cavity filled. I mean, um, just to get the drill. Ooof. Open wide and say ahhh. Nope. Okay, new topic.

At home this morning, Shade attempted to write an essay in 45 minutes for a standardized test today. I think it’s a benchmark thingie. He got through 3 sentences. His brain just froze as he stared at the computer screen. I’ve had writer’s block before, but his was DEFCON 1 level. Aitza worked with him later today by having him verbally write his essay while he recorded it. I’m not sure if they will allow that with this test. But tomorrow morning I’m going to have him listen to the recording and transcribe his ideas.

This week is our first camp out for Indian Guides. We don’t have access to the 4 wheeler like last year, so it may be tougher getting around the bear traps, poison ivy and quicksand, but we’ll manage. I was hoping he’d be able to walk with crutches by now. That may still be some time away.

But he is making progress. On the weekend I asked Shade if he wanted a grilled cheese sandwich. Of course, he said yes because grilled cheese sandwiches are awesome. But I said, “Okay, but you have to make it.” So he came over to the kitchen counter, stood up and made all our sandwiches. He sliced the cheese and put it on the bread and slid them in the mini oven. One of his goals right from the start of his physical therapy was to stand up and make a taco. So I figure next week, we’ll do just that. I might have him cook the whole meal.

When Myrna, Shade’s PT, heard this, she was very happy. So she tried him out on an activity. He stood at a high table and put pegs in a peg board to create a flower design. He stood there for 5 minutes working the board without holding onto a handle. Myrna also measured his range of motion and strength and flexibility. She was happy with all the results except for his knee stretches. His hammies are way too tight.

We’re also gearing up for Halloween. Shade is going to be a Zombie Taco Cat, a mutated creation birthed from his own demented brain. We bought the URL two years ago for his birthday, though he’s yet to use the site. Mayan is a psycho clown, and that’s going to be his costume, too. Actually that is also part of the theme for our Indian Guides Halloween Carnival, which is on October 20. We’re having a top-notch haunted house with evil clowns (our haunted house causes severe psychological damage), games, bounce houses, silent auction, and a special storytelling experience with yours truly. I’m going to be telling funny spooky stories, singing songs, doing interactive stuff and basically making an idiot of myself, which I excel at. All are invited, so bring the kiddies or the oldies.

And finally, big sis Arianny is flying in to visit tomorrow. She’s coming to celebrate Wita’s birthday (Wita is Aitza’s mom). But she’ll also be hanging with her bros and telling disgusting stories about disease-ridden geriatrics bazooka-barfing blood or some such horrific tales. If we’re lucky, brother Edwin might make his normal 15 minute appearance, too. (Mami made me say that, Edwin.)

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