Sound abuse

I don’t think I’m stating anything new when I describe Shade’s torturous singing, a sad result of his brain explosion. He has a habit of serial killing songs. His vocals are reminiscent of branches being shredded in a wood chipper. When he hits high notes, I imagine the last terrorizing screech a field mouse hears as a falcon dives in, talons bared. Then he suddenly dips into an off-key zombie growl for half a note only to shoot back up to a nails-on-chalkboard scratch. Two planes crashing in mid-air emit more soothing sounds.

Well, he’s been faking it.

Last week, Aitza took Shade to meet Dr. Jeffery Redding. He’s not a “scalpel, clamp, suction” doctor or a “bend over” doctor. He’s a Ph.D. in Choral Conducting/Music Education and Director of Choral Activities at West Orange High School. We’ve known him back when he was a mere mister directing Arianny in Bel-Canto. Aitza called up Jeffery (After chaperoning many events with the choir, Aitza earned a first name basis.) and asked if he’d be willing to work with Shade on his voice and breath control. He agreed and met with Shade a couple times last week. Turns out Shade has fairly good range (he can hit tenor or baritone) and decent breath control. In other words, he’s a decent singer. He just doesn’t try when he’s at home. All that horrific sound abuse was just his idea of a joke that never ends. We are confident with the help of Dr. Redding, Shade will see the benefits of using his voice for beauty. He’s already expressed interest in joining choir at school. But we will have to deal with his song destruction until it clicks. At this moment, he’s mutilating Adele.

Next Saturday is the one year anniversary of Shade’s traumatic brain injury. We’re throwing a “Shade Beat Death” party at our house, so if you can come, swing on by.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Julie Creus
    Jul 08, 2012 @ 21:43:06

    Yay!!!! The best reason for a party ever!!


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