Ticking of the melting clock

Saturday was Shade’s nine month anniversary of his Brain-splosion. (That sounds like an awesome new energy drink.) He’s showing incredible progress, building muscles, memory and mockery. The sarcasm section of his brain is almost completely rewired. Now if we can just get his balance back.

On his 9th anniversary, marked by the tick, tick, tick of a melting clock, Shade had his first full day field trip without mom or dad. Julie and Santiago Creus, along with kids Olivia and Liam, picked up Shade at 8:30 a.m. and took him to the new Salvador Dali museum in St. Petersburg. I believe the old museum melted. Nothing like a little surrealism to set a damaged brain straight. Shade was instantly attracted to the burning giraffes. (Honestly, who isn’t?) I’m a bit jealous that I didn’t go as it’s been a couple decades since I was able to immerse myself in  Salvador’s paranoiac-critical optical illusions. (Oh look, it’s a skull. No, it’s naked ladies! No, it’s a skull again.) Shade didn’t return until 6 p.m., a full day without daddy forcing him to stretch or stop slumping or do his homework. I’m sure he enjoyed the break. He brought back a collection of trippy postcards and paintings and Julie brought Mayan back a huge mustache that he could attach to his nostrils. It makes him look like a boiler worker on the Titanic and he hasn’t stopped wearing it. In fact, the common question yesterday was, “Where’s my mustache?” How surreal is that?

In other news, Shade is going to do the FCAT this week, as is every other kid in Florida. It’s going to be interesting seeing his results. He gets extra time and his assistant, Mr. Walker, can help him mark bubbles, but he has no assistance with the actual questions, so it will be a viciously accurate test for determining if he can take a test like the FCAT. I doubt it will accurately determine his knowledge or cognitive abilities. Since when has a massive standardized test ever determined that in any kid.

Finally, we met with friends Jennifer and Brett Bales and the Creus family last night to discuss a new project that Jennifer is getting off the ground. She’s revamping the Ocoee Farmers Market with the help of the Ocoee Rotary Club. It’s currently just a small weekly veggie market but the hope is to turn it into a vibrant arts and crafts market. Jennifer has negotiated with the Rotary to donate half the booth-rental proceeds once a month to good causes and she wants to start by helping us get Shade’s wheelchair and with some mounting bills. So we’re going to help promote the bejezzus out of the market. The plan for the first revamp day is tentatively May 11. If you want to rent an affordable booth to sell your fantastic arts and crafts, contact me. If you want to get rid of your old microwave, have your own garage sale. The Ocoee Farmers Market will be strictly new stuff. I’ll keep you updated.

Last post, I think I had a bug that didn’t make me feel sick in the traditional sense but did make me feel anxious and sad and tired. I’m over that now, thank the maker. My ability to deal with Shade’s situations demands a healthy body and mind. When I’m healthy, I can help Shade ford the deep rivers of frustration. When my health falters, I’m often swept away by the swift current of depression. Gotta keep strong.

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