Battling waves

I could easily live in New Smyrna Beach. The atmosphere here is like a soothing balm to the soul. Perhaps it’s the heartbeat crash of the waves that slow down my blood pressure and make me take huge breaths of salty air. The only problem with New Smyrna is that it’s near impossible to make a living here unless you own a beach bar or sell condos. And both of those careers would still only allow you to scrape by. It’s a sleepy little town. Yet I’m determined to eventually live here.

Yesterday, we spent most of the day down by the waves. The hardest part of this was helping Shade walk through the sand to the water’s edge. Our conjoined staggering has now gone off road. It’s not pretty but we manage to always make our destination. It’s like synchronized zombie dancing.

Shade battled the incoming surf right along with the other boys. I basically plopped him down in the shallows and he knelt with his butt on his heals and leaned in against the waves, fighting their force and using his arms to buttress himself whenever a particularly big wave crashed into him. It was a pretty inspiring sight as he struggled to maintain his balance against the constant onslaught. He managed pretty well though a few times he took a tumble and I had to fish him out of the brine. He also tried his luck on the boogie board in the shallows, though at 100+ pounds, he weighed it down and usually ended up scraping bottom. He had a hard time keeping the board straight although a few times I managed to give him a push at the right moment and he zipped into shore without falling off. Next step, surf board.

After a couple hours in the water and digging in the sand, we went back up to the pool, where Aitza took over and helped him swim. She tried on some new goggles as the others we have seem to always leak. Personally I think all goggle companies are actually scam artists making an easy buck. I’ve yet to find a set of goggles that doesn’t fill up as quickly as shot glasses at a college spring break party. (It’s spring break for a lot of northern colleges here, so that simile is slightly topical.) I’d get just as much eye protection if I rubberbanded some Saran Wrap to my eyes. The whole point of this rant is that Shade’s eyes were as bloodshot as that spring break college student’s eyes the morning after doing all those shots. (You know, the one in the previous analogy. Keep up!) Too much salt and chlorine and possibly sand in the peepers. We flushed it and lubed it and squirted it liberally with Visine. It was still tomato red this morning.

I guess it was good then that Shade slept the entire day today. Yesterday exhausted him. And me, too. After building a massive, award-worthy sandcastle today with my buddy Martin, I came back to the condo and slept for two hours. The beach will wear you out. But it’s a refreshing tired. Not the mental exhaustion that I sometimes feel. It’s a physical weariness that you can sleep off and wake refreshed. I don’t always feel that back home. Eventually maybe I’ll feel it everyday. I have to figure out how to accomplish that goal.


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  1. Julie Creus
    Mar 28, 2012 @ 00:05:38

    We want pics of Shade on the boogie board!!!


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