Big improvements

More improvements in the Shadenator. I forgot to mention that last week we went to the neuro-ophthalmologist to see how his eyes are faring. Looking gooooood! The doctor gave his eyeballs a good scrubbing, vacuumed inside his lids, and then waxed the corneas. Oh wait, that was the car detailing my wife wanted. Shade just got the eye drops that make him look like a high school drop out — big pupils. The doc said that Shade’s corneas are still looking excellent–no drying out or scarring. His eye is rolling back properly when he closes his lid (still a fraction which won’t close because his lower lid doesn’t move), meaning they are getting some good self-lubrication. Also, his alignment has improved more — they are off by 6 points, whereas 3 months ago they were off by 10 and 6 months ago they were off by 20. So Shade is looking less like Marty Feldman. (Oh, Igor, how we miss you.)

This Sunday, Aitza’s friend Loriel (sp?) who is a yoga instructor, came by the house to teach Shade some poses that will help strengthen his core and stretch out his tight muscles. They were basic poses meant to open up his chest area and align his spine. Shade was trying to work in his favorite pose, The Napping Cat, but Loriel kept waking him up. Combining the yoga with the YMCA exercises, his time in the pool, his new-trike rides, his house scooching, and his continued work at therapy has really helped his strength and balance in the last few days. He’s sitting with his chest out and shoulders back more than he used to (mostly because daddy keeps hounding him about it).

Case in point: Today, after YMCA, we went to visit the Creus’ house to do some art with craft-legend Julie, or technically with her son and Shade’s friend, Liam, who like his mom is an artistic and engineering whiz. In fact, my buddy Billy Touza and I have both said that if the zombie apocalypse ever comes, we’d want Liam on our survival team. He’s the type that could rig up a water filtration system out of a handful of Legos, a coffee filter and a turkey baster. Today, Liam was teaching Shade how to make a BB gun — Oops, sorry Julie, I mean a plastic ball-bearing ejection device. We would never make or play with any of those destructive guns — out of a medicine bottle and a mechanical pencil, using just a drill and a glue gun. You blow through it to shoot the BBs. It worked great. I know because he machine gunned me in the back and it stung. But I get ahead of myself. Shade, Liam, his dad Santiago, and I were heading outside to try the (not actual) guns, and I helped Shade walk out by walking behind him and holding him lightly under the arms. We usually have to adopt a very close knit, regulated one-two, one-two pace so that we don’t trip over each other. Shade has discovered that this is the most hilarious times to rip a fart because I’m basically pressed against his back and can’t do much to defend myself. So, just as we get outside and stop, he cheeses one on me and starts his Beavis laugh, “Huh, huh. Huh, huh.” So I respond with, ” Are you kidding me? You’re on your own!” And I release him and take a small step back, keeping my hands very close behind to catch him as he falls. Except, this time he didn’t fall. He stood there, swaying, holding his arms out like a beginner surfer. He held his position for a good 10-12 seconds before he started leaning forward and I caught him. Meanwhile, we’re cheering and pulling out phone cameras. We made him repeat it a couple times so we could video it. Later, I had to leave, but Shade stayed with the Creus family to see Liam sing in his school choir. (He’s getting independent enough to hang with his friends without me now.) They had Shade performing his new trick multiple times, one time counting up to 35.

Next trick, one foot hopping while balancing a ball on his nose. We aim high.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Julie Creus
    Mar 20, 2012 @ 23:58:44

    Yaaaaaay!!!!!!!!! What a great afternoon!!!

    Just fyi, I have my own pill bottle pea shooter to annoy any disrespectful Indian Guide dads….


  2. Karen Price
    Mar 21, 2012 @ 00:02:09

    Great news, Vince! Go Shade!


  3. Daniel
    Mar 21, 2012 @ 02:35:43

    YEA!…so great to hear this news. Way to go SHADE!


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