8 months

I just realized that on Wednesday, Shade passed his 8 month anniversary of his brain volcano erupting.

Shade is getting more independent every day. He’s been transferring himself to chairs, the floor and the toilet with no help from us. In fact, sometimes we’re amazed and a bit terrified when we suddenly see him sitting on the couch, playing video games, or inside the bathroom with the door locked behind him. He did that yesterday and then called me for some assistance, but I couldn’t find the little key to unlock the bathroom. “Sorry, Buddy, You’re on your own on this one. Try not to overflow the toilet.” He has a tendency.

This morning, we left Shade downstairs sitting in his wheelchair, playing video games. We were chatting in our bedroom upstairs when we suddenly heard him talking upstairs. He had transferred to the floor, scooched up the stairs and then to his room to play with his brother and neighbor friend, Tristan. It’s this independence that we hope will get him walking sooner. It’s also this independence that makes us grit our teeth and hope he doesn’t break his legs.

Sometimes Shade has that drive that is essential to pushing himself to do rehab or try new things. Sometimes he becomes a sad, whiny, tragic figure that wallows in self-pity and refuses to do anything to improve his situation. The key is to get him exercising and studying and stretching when he’s in that positive realm. However, he switches emotions so fast, it’s like watching an instantaneous transformation from Austin Powers to Gollum.

Shade also has issue with things that do not come easy. He gets frustrated quickly. This is trouble when I am trying to encourage him to keep trying at something that he’s not mastering immediately. For example, he gets very upset on his new trike because the pedaling and steering are tough for him. I keep telling him that it’s going to take a bit of practice to master it, but that just makes him more upset and he starts snapping at me. And then I get upset and start snapping at him. And then we’re both in a mood.

I’m hoping that as Shade matures, he begins to realize that he holds the power of his own healing. We can only guide him. It’s all about his attitude. If he keeps positive, he will be able to handle the struggle. If he gets down and gives up, he just makes the battle back to walking, talking and everything else that much harder. Unfortunately, I have an much sway over his emotions as I have over his brain functions or his muscle control or his vestibular system. It’s all internal. All I can try to control is my own patience to the situation.

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  1. Aura
    Mar 17, 2012 @ 23:47:00

    I am so learning through you. It is challenging whether you have a toddler or a teen. The moods swings kill me. “All I can try to control is my own patience to the situation” I wrote it down and placed it on a very visible place in the house.
    I have been following your posts, I find Shade’s independence/progress simply amazing! The best is yet to come! Take care, AB


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