Savage run and ice cream volcano

I ran the Savage Race today. 4.2 miles of dirt and mud running with 20 obstacles out in the deepest wilds of Clermont. My first race ever. I’ve never even done a fun run, so this was a big step (or multiple painful dirty steps, if you will) for me. Our team, the Fuddy Muckers, which included my buddy Brett and his friend Harry and Ryan, Harry’s son, would take off at 10:30 a.m.. Aitza, Shade and Edwin, who drove down from Tallahassee for Shade’s birthday party tomorrow, would come out to root me on.

The top dude made the whole course in 36 minutes. I’m not sure how long my run was as the official times weren’t posted, but I was under an hour, I think. I never stopped running, which I’m proud of, though sometimes my jog was slower than some walkers.  The scariest obstacle was a muddy crawl through two half-submerged pitch-black sewage pipes (thankfully without the sewage). Very claustrophobic, like the escape in Shawshank Redemption. The hardest part was the ice pool, which froze my muscles to the point that I could barely walk. I nearly fell off the edge of the pool as I crawled out and then shuddered for 5 minutes like I was having an epileptic fit.

Our team stayed together in the beginning though Harry and I pulled ahead and were neck and neck through most the race. When I crawled through the final mud pit and crossed the finish line, I immediately turned to see him cross. He wasn’t there. I figured that he must have passed me, but I couldn’t see him anywhere. So I waited at the finish line, as the mud dried on me, waiting for Brett and Ryan to come.  I was there for ages waiting. Aitza, Shade and Edwin finally showed up 15 minutes after I finished. The traffic and parking were so awful they didn’t get there in time to see me finish but they did get a decent picture of me looking like the Swamp Thing. Then they had to take off 10 minutes later to go to Mayan’s first baseball game. So much for my cheering section. I waited for about another 30 minutes or so near the finish line, just in case they came hobbling in.  Finally I went and got my bag from the bag check area and pulled out my phone. I checked my messages. Brett had called. I called back but the reception was awful. All I could hear was “Harry … hospital … heart attack.” Through text messages, I found out that Harry had a heart attack about 5 minutes before hitting the finish line. His son and Brett caught up to him as they were defibrillating him. His heart had fully stopped. They rushed him to the hospital and put a stint in and he’s OK now.

Brett sent this message: “I’m pleased to say that Harry is recovering well – the doctor’s are calling him the “Miracle Man” saying that only 2 out of 100 live thru that type of attack.  It just so happened Harry picked the best possible place to “attack” out – right near the ice bath where all the paramedics were hanging out.  He says he was not feeling bad at all and remembers seeing the ice bath coming up – then he face planted.  We had only a couple of obstacles left so the Savage Race people were nice enough to give us our medals and t-shirts.”

Meanwhile, I was stuck out there so I just got a couple beers and a pork sandwich and sat down with some strangers. Being a friendly sort, I became instant buddies with them and eventually bummed a ride back home. Thank goodness as that would have been a long walk.

Now I’m exhausted but we have a few boys over hanging out with Shade. His big party is tomorrow, but he asked for a handful of friends to hang out. (Last year, we had 14 boys spending the night and Aitza handled them on her own as I was working. Never again.) I doubt I’m going to get much sleep as these monkeys are wired on orange soda and, later on, will be elbows deep in a homemade ice cream volcano. I’ve bought 5 different ice cream flavors, Oreos, Reese’s Pieces, marshmallow cream, cake frosting, chocolate and peanut butter Magic Shell, sprinkles and broccoli, just to mix it up a bit. Childhood diabetes, here we come.

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