Get away

So much for a get-away! Aitza, the boys and I went to my Uncle Peter’s condo in New Smyrna for a little sun and sea. Friends Tony and Michelle Pike and their younguns, Cody and Jadyn, came as well. The plan was for Tony and me to go fishing Saturday morning while the moms and kids did beachy stuff, then come back and have a big fish fry with our immense catch. Thanks to a sudden switch from balmy 80 degree sunshine to 60 degree rain and wind, our fishing trip was cancelled (2nd time in a couple months) and the beach was a frigid, tornadic wasteland. We spent most of the time indoors watching videos or updates on the Daytona 500 which never actually started.

We did eventually head down to the heated pool and splash around. Shade hadn’t been swimming since the week we had returned from Texas in September. He enjoyed the weightlessness immensely. He’s still a bit jerky when he tries to swim or bounce, but he has freedom in the pool that dry land doesn’t allow him. What I found strange was that his feet constantly wanted to float upward, which pulled him off balance. In the future, I may have to put weights on his feet to give him a bit more stability. The hardest part of the swimming was getting out of the water. The slicing wind and cold made my nips look like sharpened pencil tips.

We’re going to be starting at YMCA tomorrow and swimming is going to be foremost in our exercises. I’m eager to see what the facility will have to offer Shade. Therapy has become drudgery for him. That’s not to deride the therapists. It stems partially from Shade’s hormonal changes, partially from his mental fatigue at midday, and partially because he associates therapy with a chore instead of fun. The atmosphere change that the Y will provide should give Shade a boost in his self-confidence and make him eager to exercise, which is his main path to walking. His vestibular system is going to take some more brain rewiring, but if Shade works on his muscle strength, he can at least overcome the imbalance that is caused by any physical breakdowns. And he is getting those. He’s developing bad posture sitting in that horrible wheelchair all day, and his left side seems to be curving a bit more. You can actually see more musculature in his right side. PT Melody said we have to be careful as he may be prone to scoliosis because of the inequality in his muscle development. Hopefully getting on some of the work out machines at the Y will help equal out any imbalance.

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