Lower class

It’s that time of year when Shade has to choose his classes for next year. Last year we were checking advanced and honor level classes for Science, Math, Social Studies, and Language Arts, plus Intermediate Guitar.

Of course, those went out the window after his traumatic brain injury. We’re looking at the sign up sheet for next year and realizing that he can’t handle advanced anything. We’re going to take him out of guitar because he can’t coordinate his fingers and brain enough to even keep up in basic guitar. We’re not sure if there’s any PE activities that he can do in a wheelchair. And most of the electives are too intricate for him right now or he has no interest in them. I’ve suggested chorus a few times, thinking it would help him regulate his breathing and voice but he adamantly refuses. I keep telling him that singing is the best way to become a rock ‘n roll frontman, but he won’t budge. So we’re looking at computers and art. Computer programming may work out well for him because he seems to be able to focus when staring at a computer screen. And art will be great for his fine motor skills and he absolutely loves when our friend Julie Creus comes over and does art projects with him.

Shade got his progress report today as well. He got a C in science, which upset him. However, we told him that if he wants to be at the same level as the other kids, he’s going to have to work a bit harder at studying. I just wish he didn’t get so fatigued when he tries to study. I wish we didn’t get so fatigued when he studies. When I was a kid, I used to enjoy studying. (Nerd!) But helping Shade drains the fun out of it because his learning involves going over the same tedious information over and over and over again. It’s like being trapped on  “It’s a Small World” at the Magic Kingdom except instead of an annoying theme song, it’s the basic forms of mechanical energy or leaf-and-stem diagrams for proportions.


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