Yesterday, Hector Gonzalez, the father of one of Shade’s buddies, Julian, invited us over to try out his brand new ultrasound machine. He just picked it up last week. He uses it as a therapy for people that have had face lifts and other plastic surgery. Plus, he can melt away cellulite. But Shade hardly has a cellulite problem. Hector used the machine on his face for three minutes. The vibrations may help the brain find new connections in the face. At least that’s what we are hoping. There is evidence that ultrasound works with Bells Palsy patients, but no documentation that it will work with a Traumatic Brain Injury patient. Right now, we are willing to try anything that doesn’t involve surgery. Who knows? Maybe the ultrasound will be the magic pill that works.

By the way, for all you slackers out there, we am part of your tribe. We only just took down our Christmas tree on Sunday. And I’m happy to say, when we went to Hector’s house, he still had Christmas lights on his house. If it was up to me, I’d leave up lights all year round. They make me happy.




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