Boys will be boys

Just returned from Darren and Seliena’s house. Their son, Brody, who is Mayan and Shade’s little cousin, is having a big soccer tourney tomorrow, so Seliena’s sister and fam came up from South Florida, plus some family friends, to see the game. They invited us over for dinner. Aitza went to see her family, but I went with the boys. A good spread: grilled chicken, pork and shrimp, fettuccine with 6 cheese sauce, rotini salad, regular salad, the works.

Kids ate first — pasta, because they are kids and have no taste buds. There were about 8 kids altogether, if my dulled grey matter serves me correctly. Then they went outside to play while the big boys and girls gnawed on some meat. Meat! The kids were out on the pool deck, tossing balls into the mini-hoop, battling each other with pool floaties and generally being goofballs.

Then Mayan runs in. “Shade fell on the floor.”

Great! Why’s it always gotta be on my watch?

I ran outside and Shade is on his knees in front of his wheelchair and smiling. A dribble of blood is coming out of his nose. He’s laughing about it. All the other kids are in shock and gathered round. So I pick him up and get him in his wheelchair. They had been playing a game where Mayan was pushing Shade in his chair and he was whacking the other kids with the floaties. Then he decided to head the pavement because, perhaps, it was backtalking. His nose was fine though a bit scraped on the tip. I cleaned him up. Then I turned to the other gawking kids and said, “Hey, everybody should have a bloody nose.” And pretended to punch them all in the nose and make splatting sounds. They thought that was the greatest thing since Nintendo DS 3D. Shade went right back to playing.

When I came back in, the other parents asked if Shade was alright, and I said, “Yeah, he’s just being a regular boy.” Before his accident, he used to get scrapes and bruises all the time and we cleaned him up and sent him on his way. And he was fine. I think this was a great point where both he and I realized that he’s still just a boy. He loves to roughhouse. He can handle a few scrapes. He’s in a wheelchair, but that just means he has a vehicle to run into people’s shins. Bonus!

Still, Aitza wasn’t there so I’m wondering what she’s going to say when she wakes up and goes into his room and sees his Rudolph red nose.

Remember Shade, tell Mami it was a giant mosquito bite.

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  1. cheryl tucker
    Jan 21, 2012 @ 01:04:31

    So glad to hear he’s up & about & rough-housing! ❤


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