Good grades

Shade did well on his Social Studies test today. The Preamble stuck! (He’s singing it now, or at least some strange mutated version of it. I don’t remember a line about “green beans up the nose” in the original Preamble.) I did send an email to the teacher, Mr. Branom, this morning asking if he would only test Shade on the things he studied last night and he was more than happy to do that. We’ll work on the Amendments for Monday. (Tomorrow there’s no school. Monday was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Maybe tomorrow is Martin Luther, the Protestant Reformationist’s Day. You can’t have too many Martin Luthers to celebrate!)

Shade is also doing well in his English course. Mrs. Pringle, who comes to the house, says each time she comes over to read with Shade, how amazing his progress is. He’s retaining more and processing better. They have great conversations at the table while I hang on the couch and write. Often they involve cats or tacos. If Hospital Homebound (the program that gets teachers to students with needs) can get their act together and enroll Mrs. Pringle’s time here (which they seem to have bumbled, as well as numerous other issues) then Shade can get his A for the class on the next report card. (Answer your phone Ms. Fitzgerald! No one can get in touch with you!) Still, we are thankful that the program exists and can help Shade further his studies.

Shade also did fairly well on his Science test. Bonus! We worked hard on his vocabulary and concepts. but I thought that it was running through his brain like orange juice through a sieve. I guess some of the pulp stuck.

I did call the office of Gotha’s staffing specialist, Ann Colon, to organize a meeting with Shade’s teachers. Some of them didn’t realize that Shade is supposed to be getting abbreviated tests and quizzes. Also, he needs pdfs and PowerPoints printed beforehand. It’s a bit of extra work, but it helps Shade tremendously. I want to make sure the teachers are all on the same page. So far, though, his teachers have been fantastic.

Much of the credit goes to Mr. Walker, Shade’s assistant, who is constantly looking for new and better ways to help Shade get the information. I need a Mr. Walker to help me with my daily life! Do you have a brother, Mr. Walker?

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