Cramming with the Cramptons

The Cramptons are getting good at cramming everything into the short waking hours.

Aitza wakes up earlier to get Mayan ready for school and prepare for work. She walks him to the bus stop. I wake up with Shade and get him downstairs and eating. Aitza fixes his lunch and gets his clothes. I help brush his teeth and dress him and get him to the car. Then Aitza drives him to school.

After they leave, I do work at home — some writing or design projects for my writing/editing business, The Proofessional, or grading papers for my Full Sail composition classes or communicating with teachers and students. That takes up my morning to early afternoon. Meanwhile, Aitza is at Virgin Holidays hawking park tickets and special events to Brit tourists on their “holiday of a lifetime.” Pulling those pence.

I pick up Shade at school just after 1 p.m. and whiz him to therapies and sometimes acupuncture. (Canceled today. Get well, Samira.) You know how that goes. Today Shade did really well sitting on an exercise ball while doing other activities. His balance is improving immensely.

After school and therapies comes the big cram. Aitza and I often arrive home at similar times, around 4:30 p.m. Mayan’s already home from on the bus and has done his homework. Shade and Mayan play video games or hang with their buddies down the road, while I do more grading and Aitza does some chores or goes shopping. Then we get the boys on studying. Shade’s studying is hours long for a short lesson. Today Aitza got him started on Social Studies. He has a test on the constitution and government tomorrow. Hope that goes well.

Meanwhile, I start my Insanity workout. I’m trying to lose a few pounds and train for the Savage Race in March. (Feel free to join my team. We’re the Fuddy Muckers.) With Insanity, it’s likely I’ll lose my pounds from vomiting. That’s how intense it is. Today’s was 55 minutes of gut-wrenching torture.

Today as I’m jumping around like a monkey on a griddle, Aitza’s struggling with Shade through the Preamble. She never had to learn it, being from Venezuela, and most Americans can’t remember it. But I know it because I had Schoolhouse Rock. And I can still sing it. I promptly found the video for the Preamble on SchoolTube and had Aitza show it to Shade. He watched it a few times while I finished working out.

Then, dripping wet, I come over to see how he’s doing. He’s getting a bit frustrated as he does after an hour of studying. Who wouldn’t? So I put him in his wheelchair and we walk around the block. This tends to change his mood quickly. As we walked, we sang the Preamble song: “We the people in order to form a more perfect union …” By the time we got back, he had a fairly good grasp of it. Then Mayan came out and said, “I want to go around the block.” So I put Shade inside and jogged around the block with Mayan. I didn’t think I had any energy left but I did OK.

Aitza had already started on dinner when we got back. I cut some sweet potatoes into chips and fried them in olive oil (Healthy!) while Shade and I went over the mnemonic for the 7 Articles of the constitution which is Lazy Elephants Jump Slowly And Sleep Regularly (Legislative, Executive, Judicial, States/ Federalism, Amendment Process, Supremacy Clause, Ratification). Then we ate, forced the kids upstairs, helped Shade with his bed prep and kissed them goodnight. (For God’s sake, go to bed!) While this was all happening, Aitza was doing a couple loads of laundry. Now I’m going to work some more on some client stuff and grade some more papers. Repeat tomorrow.

Cram it in!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. bon
    Jan 19, 2012 @ 11:06:14

    Vincent just checked out your Proofessional site. Didn’t know you used to work for Harcourt. I’ve been working here for 10 years. Small world! Good luck at your Savage Race. My husband is running in the Warrior Dash this weekend. 🙂


  2. tami
    Jan 20, 2012 @ 21:55:47

    I know a “girl” who might want to get in on the Fuddy Muckers.
    Would that be possible or do you want only manly dudes?


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