Checkup and workout

We had a follow up at the Neuropsych today. We didn’t see Dr. Trumble as he was very likely elbows deep in someone’s brain, but we did get to meet a physician assistant, Matt Diehl. We reviewed Shade’s symptoms since the Gamma Knife procedure. Shade has had a vibrating feeling in his skull every once in a while which irritates him to no end. And he had a microsecond black out last week while reading. For just a moment, he said he couldn’t see and then his vision came back almost immediately. It didn’t seem to raise any red flags for Matt. We’re to schedule another MRI and MRA in April to check on the Gamma Knife’s effects. While talking with Matt, he mentioned a mutual friend, Rod Bitterling, and said he was going camping with him and both their daughters at Roper Island this weekend. That’s where we camped last weekend. Turns out he’s in the same Indian Guides and Princesses program as us. Small world. Great program. One-on-one time between dads and kids for three days. Every dad should do it.

At rehab today, OT Kristine had Shade doing his weight lifting while sitting on a Core Disk, which is a round rubber disk filled with bean bag material. It forced Shade to constantly readjust his balance and really worked his core. (I sound like the instructor in the Insanity exercise videos. “Keep your core engaged!”) Next we sat him on an exercise ball and he lifted each leg while trying to maintain balance. Kristine says she wants us to challenge his balance more to push his progress. I’m going to get a ball for home and see if he can play his video games while sitting on it. That should get him some rock hard abs. (“Come on, people, work it!”)

PT Melody is looking into getting Shade a better wheelchair as his one is inadequate. He slouches in it as there’s no back or rear support, and it’s bulky for his size. She worked on his back and hip muscles today, making him do Supermans, which involves laying on his tummy, stretching his arms in front and legs behind and then lifting his arms and legs off the ground for 10 seconds at a time. Problem was, every time he stretched out, I would say something like, “Help, Superman! There’s a school bus about to fall off the bridge!” Or “Quick, Superman! That dog’s on fire!” and he would collapse on the mat in hysterics. During the few he did correctly, Melody noticed he couldn’t lift his left leg up as far as his right. His left hip and glute is weaker. She double checked this by making him kneel over a foam cube and try doing a mule kick with both legs. Again, his left was much weaker. So we have to work on that hunk of meat. Buns of steel! (Great work out! 30 second break. Go get some water.)

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