Long waits and new plans

I missed yesterday’s post because it was Aitza’s birthday and we went out to dinner with her mom, dad, brother, Arianny and Fabian, and the kids. We had a few Darden gift certificates left over so we went to Longhorn Steakhouse. Bad move. We had nine people in our party and the place was packed. Plus, it’s not a very big restaurant. But no worries. The hostess told us that a large table was half way through their meal and it would only be about 40 minutes wait. An hour later, these porcine lingerers were still lounging there, sucking the ice out of their twelfth refill of Diet Coke and fiddling with their smart phones. They wouldn’t budge. Get up you table-hoarding bums! There are hungry people waiting!

Having grown up in a town where you strategically go to Disney in February or November to avoid waiting in the ride lines, I have very little patience for waiting anywhere more than 15 minutes. If it had been just four of us, I would have suggested we split, but we had a big family group with grandparents and a child in a wheelchair, and two cars, so the logistics of a location move were too much.

Imagine what that long wait was like for Shade. His concept of time is very different. Short experiences often seem very long to him. This was a kind of torture for him. Or maybe it was actually just torture for me and I just imagined it was torture for him. I was suffering some hunger hallucinations.

It took about 1 hour and 15 minutes to finally get a table. We were snarling like famished hyenas before feeding time at the zoo. But once we got some fresh bread in our gullets, everyone seemed happy enough. Steak was tasty, too.

With the new year comes, new plans. Having been the regular therapy chaperone since Aitza returned to work, I’ve become a bit strung out by the routine. So Aitza offered to leave work a bit earlier on Tuesdays and take Shade to his therapy. That way I can go into my office and get some work done. And today, since I had a department meeting, Dadabob and his lady friend Clare took Shade to his therapy and acupuncture. It was Dadabob’s first time sitting in during Shade’s therapy since San Antonio (and Clare’s first time ever), so they got to witness some of the different techniques that OT Kristine used. Unfortunately, PT Melody was still on vacation so he missed out on a second therapy. Shade hasn’t had PT since the week before Christmas. Come back, Melody! Shade needs some physical therapy on his leggies!

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