Hello 2012

You may think I’m gross, but I haven’t showered since last year. Yeah, I know, pretty disgusting. But I’m not alone. None of my family has either.

The Crampton family has officially passed through the fire of 2011 and is now reborn as beautiful phoenixes … or perhaps some lesser bird like ostriches or flamingos or ducks.

We had a great party last night with family and friends to bury the proverbial ax blade in the skull of 2011. This involved lots of food, even more beer, shots of chocolate syrup and peppermint schnapps, screeching karaoke and enough illegal fireworks to get us on the terrorist watch list. Tio Loco nearly blew up our backyard.

Now for the future. Our goals for 2012 are simple: focus on getting Shade back to his old self, while trying not to go clinically insane in the process. We’re also going to attempt to get back to a family routine: waking up together, exercising together, eating dinner together, going to bed together. For the past ten years, I’ve had a different life schedule from the rest of my family and it has thrown off our whole family unity thing. It’s going to be weird adjusting to normality having avoided it most my life but I think it will make our 2012 flow smoother. Oh, and I’m getting a six-pack by Spring Break. (The abs kind. I have cases of the other kind in my cooler.)

Thanks to all of you who helped us get through the hell that was 2011. We love you all.

Shade sets fire to 2011 and watches it burn!


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