Not knowing

According to most of the therapists we’ve talked to, the bulk of therapeutic progress is made in the first six months. After that, therapies often work at improving the fine motor skills and tweaking what has already improved.

Shade is heading toward six months.

The right side of his face is still palsied and there’s not a whole lot of change. He does seem to have more symmetry, but he still cannot smile, seal his lips or close his eye. ST Giselle implied that we might not see a whole lot more change there.

Though he can hold himself upright if he has a grip on a steady surface, say a counter or rail, he still does not have the balance to hold himself upright even with a walker. When we were at Santa Rosa hospital, there was a kid there who had a large portion of his brain removed because of seizures and it took him a month before he could walk with a walker. It was about a quarter of his brain taken out! That’s a big freaking chunk of brain matter. He probably could play the violin anymore, but he could walk.

I’m not giving up hope. We still believe he’s going to get back his faculties. But it is really frustrating when we are working so hard with him to have that vague background thought that there’s a chance that he won’t get those faculties back. (Sorry for that wordy sentence, but it expresses the weird buried thoughts way back in my mind.)

The brain is mysterious. It can do great things. It can rebound from the brink of destruction. But it’s that mystery that gives me nightmares. I can’t know what’s going to happen with Shade.

Anyone have a crystal ball?

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  1. Carolyn Knight
    Dec 29, 2011 @ 18:13:34

    You know when his Annie ruptured they did not think he would live thru that but look at him now. When mine ruptured I wasn’t supposed to live either.The Doctors are not always right.Even though you may never get the old Shade back you do have Shade.Please don’t get upset at me but he is a fighter.I follow your blog because I had two craniotomy and nothing will ever be the same.God looked over me and I have no damage at all,I look at a child like Shade and think what the hell I guess I feel guilty.I have smoked 45 yrs and am still smoking (nuts) I know.Enjoy him,relax a little and time will tell.I still bet he will dance at his prom and walk on the stage for his Diploma.Am I a religious person (no) haven’t been to church in 40 yrs but every night I do talk to God.We have some long talks!!
    God Bess you and your family!


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