Christmas cold

I’ve been laying in bed since yesterday, downed by Reindeer Flu or the North Pole bug or some other microscopic yuletide gremlin. It actually started on Christmas Eve as we were making our dinner. I tried to drown it with beer and whiskey but that didn’t work. Christmas morning, my nasal passages were clogged like rush hour on the I-4 and I had that dragged down feeling that hung on me all day. I normally feel wiped out on Christmas morning because I’ve been wrapping presents until 3 a.m., except this year all the presents were wrapped early. We had a little help this year from Santa, and the generous elves from Performance Business Solutions (The company my brother works for) who stepped in with a heaping helping of good cheer and presents so that our Christmas tree didn’t look like the Grinch had just slid in and swiped everything.

In some ways, this Christmas morning reminded me of years past when Shade was a mere tot. He had some of his innocence back and because he’s not as quick to open presents, he made the gift-ripping ceremony last a little longer than usual. One of the cooler presents was a video game called Gun Stringer. It’s a shoot ’em up about a cowboy adventurer. What’s unique about it is it works with the Kinect and you only use your hands so you can play sitting down. Shade can now play the Kinect! He’s tried it once so far, but he played with Mayan, who kind of took over the game play and so Shade quit. So next time, I’m going to get him on it by himself. I think this will be good exercise for him. (Thanks PBS Elves.)

I had a bunch of plans to play with all the kids’ toys yesterday and today, but thanks to the raging fire in my throat and the sandpaper cough in my lungs, I was a post-Christmas corpse. It’s the last cosmic prank played on me by the year 2011 (I hope). Next year is around the corner.

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